ATEQ Aviation is proud to announce their exhibition at the Singapore Airshow. Formerly known as Changai International Airshow, The Singapore Airshow is Asia’s largest Aerospace and Defense event, featuring the latest technologies and equipment by top aerospace companies around the world. Visitors can enjoy a close look and a variety static aircraft displays, aerobatic flying shows and pilot meet-and-greets.

ATEQ Aviation will be displaying their wide range of aviation manufacturing and maintenance testing instruments at booth B16. ATEQ’s automated Pitot/Static testers can be used with any type of aircraft in hangars, tarmacs, labs or workshops. These testers connect to the pitot static tubes and static ports on aircraft simulating flying conditions to test the accuracy of the pressure dependent on-board flight equipment such as anemometers, variometers, pressure sensors, air data calculators, etc. ATEQ also offers battery tester/charger/analyzers, leak testers and bonding & loop resistance instruments to test the aircraft for electrical continuity.

It is great to be part of such an exciting show

stated Nacima Guechi, ATEQ Aviation Sales Director.

It’s convenient having one location where we can show off our pitot static test equipment to the world’s leading aerospace companies