A fresh reminder of what calibration is

Despite their high level of performance, the accuracy of measuring devices can drift over time.

To confirm the device under test (DUT) is still within specification, a calibrated reference value is used to measure and compare the DUT results to verify the accuracy of the values of the DUT.

Regular calibrations help to keep the equipment, functioning and safe. Without calibration, all maintenance actions can become less effective over time.

Regular calibration can help prevent breakdowns, increase the safety and reliability of production test machines and maintains their optimal performance levels over time.

ATEQ Calibration Service

To help with continuity in your production, even if your device isn’t working correctly anymore, ATEQ guarantees a three-day service only on calibration (transport not include). We recommend that to maintain your ATEQ product reliability, our equipment is to be calibrated annually to keep your product efficient and in optimum performance.

To keep your maintenance and production departments running smoothly during our calibration service, it may be possible to rent a similar device from ATEQ, during this period. ATEQ Aviation has a well-stocked inventory of rental equipment ready to be shipped out for a quick turnaround.

Who delivers our accreditation?


The certification is issued by an independent accreditation team. In the case of the ATEQ laboratories, A2LA carry out the audit of our calibration laboratories.

Founded in 1978 as a public service company, A2LA is dedicated to recognise competent testing and calibration laboratories, product certification bodies, proficiency testing providers and reference material producers. A2LA has more than 3,700 active accredited certificates representing all 50 U.S. states and over 50 countries.

Why is it crucial to have accreditation?

Accreditation allows our clients maintenance and engineering teams to benefit from using highly accurate and qualified calibrated tools. It enables us to provide our customers with the expected reliability and efficiency of our equipment and services. What is important to remember is that this particularity gives us the assurance of having standards that are perfectly calibrated and regularly checked by an external organisation.

Obtaining A2LA accreditation reflects the competence of ATEQ to carry out calibration on specific reference equipment. As this encompasses the Conformity Assessment Body (C.A.B.) human element, end-users can be confident that the data provided to them is accurate and reliable.

A2LA is a third-party organisation that carries out accreditations to various international standards, ensuring an impartial and objective assessment of ATEQ’s organization and functionality. It allows our procedures to meet your expectations and maintain the quality we value.

How did we get the accreditation?

To obtain accreditation, organisations have to go through a demanding quality and inspection process, before a certificate is granted.

To explain it quickly, an application for accreditation is made. This application is fully evaluated by the Accreditation body, by a specialist who will first study the file. Then, to ensure the quality of the applicants infrastructure, an on-site evaluation is carried out by the accreditation agent, who will make the initial decision.

The agent then regularly checks this accreditation to ensure that the accredited facility still complies with the standards and codes required to obtain accreditation. Usually this takes place every two years.

ATEQ Certification

Since 1 July 2003, ATEQ S.A.S. (laboratory in France) offer an ISO/IEC17025 accredited calibration of their ATEQ instruments.

  • Accredited (ISO/IEC 17025) Gas pressure and flow
  • LOW PRESSURE from 0 to 1330 Pa relative
  • HIGH PRESSURE from – 0.95 to 25 bar relative
  • ABSOLUTE PRESSURE from 0.075 to 25 bar
  • GAS FLOW from 1 to 5000 ml/min / 5000 to 80,000 ml/min (300 to 4800 l/h)

All certified laboratories are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by A2LA certificate 2831.02 in pressure and gas flow.


ATEQ labs

All certified ATEQ laboratories have state-of-the-art facilities. In particular, they have an air-regulated room with a constant temperature of 20°C all year round. These facilities allow metronomes to perform tests with pressures ranging from absolute vacuum to 25 bar with gauges accurate to one Pascal.

These state of the art facilities are available to our production teams and our customers, so that their ATEQ instruments are always perfectly calibrated and operational to support them in their daily activities.

ATEQ has 13 ISO/IEC 17025 accredited labs all over the world:

  • France: accredited by A2LA certificate 2831-02
  • Canada: accredited by A2LA certificate 2831-01
  • U.S.A.: accredited by A2LA certificate 3049.01
  • China: accredited by A2LA certificate 3049.02
  • Japan: accredited by A2LA certificate 3049.04
  • Korea: accredited by A2LA certificate 3049.05
  • India: accredited by A2LA certificate 3049.03
  • Singapore: accredited by A2LA certificate 3049.06
  • Mexico: accredited by A2LA certificate 3049.07
  • Italy: accredited by ACCREDIA certificate 245
  • Brasil: accredited by INMETRO certificate N° CAL 0745
  • Spain: accredited by ENAC certificate Nº244/LC10.203
  • Germany: accredited by DAkkS certificate NºD-K-21260-01

These laboratories allow us to provide you with a quality maintenance service so that our calibration teams can ensure the accuracy and quality of your equipment, no matter where you are in the world.

ATEQ calibrators

To perform a calibration, the device used is sometimes called a reference standard. It incorporates the reference standards that the measuring device is supposed to have. Thus, the standard will allow a high accuracy test to be performed and calibrate it efficiently. To test the device safely, the standard is equipped with connectors and a user-friendly human-machine interface to facilitate its use. This user-friendliness aims to increase the accuracy of the measurements and thus guarantee the efficiency of your measuring device.

What else do ATEQ standards have?

All the standards used by our maintenance teams are regularly monitored by our metrology laboratories which are themselves accredited by A2LA. Our standards come from Fluke. Fluke is considered the industry leader in precision calibration instruments, equipment, services and software for electrical, R.F., temperature, humidity, pressure and flow instruments. The company is mainly well known for the accuracy of its standards. We have these standards calibrated by the Laboratoire National d’Essais (LNE).

Why choose ATEQ

With more than 40 years of Customers Support Experience, ATEQ offers a full range of services dedicated to assist your performance, including our multi-brand calibration service and qualified maintenance & repair services. ATEQ can also offer an on-site device verification (subject to requirements), or at one of our laboratories, ATEQ Aviation calibration and maintenance is supplied with six months warranty.

This includes Adapter and Accessory Repair (100% replacements of COBRA Adapters damaged parts) and verification on test sets regardless of manufacturer. ATEQ Aviation has the tooling, inventory & expertise to quickly return your equipment to service and save your valuable time.

ATEQ has developed a complete range of products and customised hardware and software solutions 100% in-House, adapted for all requirements: pneumatic, electric and electronic safety system tests. We offer high accuracy air data test sets that meet the strict requirements of RVSM testing regulation and standard instruments used in the general aviation industry. ATEQ commits to the quality of its products on each step, from design to delivery, according to industrial standards.

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