Author : Sandra Kadded
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(Les Clayes-sous-Bois – France, June 2021) – ATEQ Aviation ( introduces a new battery charger analyser the ATEQ BCA. With this new configuration of charge/discharge benches, this version has been specially designed to respond to customer’s need for maintenance, certification and homologation of all aviation battery types worlwide.

Improved user interface

Thanks to its new 7 inches LCD touch color screen, the new ATEQ BCA has a new ergonimic design enabeling a better user experience for any avionic technician in charge of battery maintenance. ATEQ Aviation adapts its offer to better support market needs as the new ATEQ BCA comes in two versions : 75 volts – 40 Amps or 36 volts – 60 Amps. Additionnaly the new interface can now be set up in different languages : English, French, and Russian (additionnal on going translations).

Increased versatility

The BCA 75–40 improves maintenance productivity with its ability to charge two batteries at once or discharge one battery. Both versions the BCA 75-40 and the BCA 36-60 may be used as a standelone unit or connected to a computer management system which can control and monitor up to 12 BCA’s at the same time. Cell voltages can be checked manually by the technician or autonomously by using the 24 cell monitoring harness. Additionnally, when using the 24 cell harness, the BCA can discharge each cell to 0 Volt without the need for shorting clips or an outside accessory. Alerts can be programmed to warn the technician when steps have been completed or defects may occur.

« Thanks to the increased output voltage you can now charge two batteries in serial mode, helping the maintenance operators to benefit of a gain of time » says Jean Yves Penouty Research and Development Engineer at ATEQ Aviation headquaters in France.

New integrated Voltmetre

The new ATEQ BCA now includes an integrated voltmetre. When charging a battery the maintenance operator can check the voltage of a battery, optimising time and productivity on site. This new feature also strengthens security by displaying the tension on both batteries to make sure everyhting is normal.

Adopting a new eco – production

Developped by the best technical engineers on the market, the new ATEQ BCA adopts new eco-production design controling to the closest the output power leading to less power charge waste. With now only have one electronic charge the new ATEQ BCA has drastically reduced its total weight by eight kilos.

ATEQ Aviation – We test, You fly

With mode than 40 experience, ATEQ Aviation is the trusted provider of Aviation test equipement worldwide supplying an entire range of Pitot testers, Bonding&Loop testers, Battery testers for OEM, Operators and Maintenance centers. Leading the industry ATEQ has introduced the most advanced technological features supporting all types of industries.
ATEQ engineers sell and service the Aviation product line to more than 1,000 customers. More than 20 engineers work all year long to improve the measurement quality of ATEQ’s systems and create the best Aviation test equipments.

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