Fleet storage: proper pitot probe care prevents emergencies

The Covid-19 crisis has resulted in thousands of aircraft being parked for extended periods. Proper testing of the pitot/static probes and ports helps prevent in-flight emergencies; that testing starts with pitot probe covers.

According to a recent airworthiness bulletin issued by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) following an investigation of an in-service occurrence, a mud dauber wasp can build a significant nest capable of completely blocking a Pitot probe, vent, or drain in around 20 minutes!

Like any precision instrument, Pitot probes need to be protected on ground to provide correct airspeed and Mach number measurements in flight in order to fly the aircraft safely», said AIRBUS. «Some Airlines already have policies in place for certain airports that require Pitot covers to be used for all aircraft on the ground regardless of turn-around times (…). It is important to continuously monitor and communicate with all airlines and aircraft operators about any seasonal increased insect activity»,
recalls the OEM, «even if the aircraft only has a short turn-around time or remains on the flight line.

All together preparing for a global Safe Return to the Sky

Thanks to our variety of pitot probe covers the risk of contamination can be greatly reduced. To ensure a full pitot static system clean status, you can rely on our Air Data Test Sets which will allow you to precisely test your air data cockpit instruments after the cleaning operation of the Pitot probes and Static ports. Ask for a free demonstration of a complete Air data test equipment and Pitot accessory solution.

«More than ever, we need to gather ourselves», says Gabriel Nativel, ATEQ Worldwide Aviation Division Director and adds «For a quick first flight and a storage release with peace of mind, operators can feel free to ask us at info@ateq.com».


Safety First, the AIRBUS Safety magazine proposes relevant pdf about Parking & Storage. More than General Information and Frequently Asked Questions on Parking and Storage, you will find exceptional deviation from Parking and Storage AMM/MP/AMP Procedures per Aircraft System, for exemple:
– Electrical System (Electrical Power Generation & Distribution Systems: Recommendations for Parking & Storage during Covid-19 period”)
– Pneumatic System (Maintenance actions & recommendations after long parking period”)
– Navigation System (“Pitot Probe Performance Covered on the Ground”)
And so many other information: Management of Covid-19, Cargo Operations, Guidelines to Flight and Cabin Crews and Security.

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