How Does a Pitot-Static Adapter Work?

Pitot-Static Adapters are the only reliable way to test the performance of speed, altitude and pressure indicators. Indeed, you can have the best Pitot-Static tester in the world, but If you can not connect it to your Pitot system correctly, it is unsafe and unreliable. There are as many different adapters as there are aircraft types.

Since its acquisition by ATEQ® Aviation in 2018, Cobra System® has been the only company to offer pitot-static adapters and air data test sets. We can offer complete pitot-static test solutions! Our solutions may come as a full kit, including the Cobra System® Adapter Kit.

👉 You need an efficient Pitot-Static Adapter, but you’re not sure you can use it with your Pitot-Static Tester. No worries, Ateq ® & Cobra System ® products may be your solution.👈

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