Tip of the Week : What are the working principles of an Ohmmeter?

An Ohmmeter is an electrical instrument used to measure the resistance in a circuit or a component. The ohmmeter measures the resistance in an electrical circuit, and the resistance is given in ohms. To give the current electrical resistance, the ohmmeter will calculate it by using the ohm law formula V (Voltage) =R(Resistance) x I(Current). To check it, it’s mandatory to disconnect the power.

It’s common in an aircraft to use a Loop Resistance Tester (LRT) instead of a classic Ohmmeter. An LRT is a portable electronic instrument for measuring electronic cable shielding resistance as installed in aircraft without requiring the cables to be disconnected.

For a Micro Ohmmeter High Current Test (HCLF), we inject a high current (up to 150A) in a loop. Using the probes, we can measure the resistance between two points.

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