What are the Working Principles of Air Data Test Sets?

Most of the aircraft cockpit instruments are based on the measurement of different air pressures outside the aircraft while it is in flight. The Air Data Test Set (ADTS) or Pitot Static Tester is a sophisticated system capable of testing aircraft flight instruments while the aircraft is on the ground. To test their efficiency, engineers create a simulated flight for all the aircraft’s air probes using a pressure controller to replicate the exact condition of a real flight.

Altitude, Airspeed, Climb rate, Acceleration rate can be simulated. The objective is to test the cockpit instruments such as altimeters, airspeed, vertical speed. These are checked and re-calibrated if necessary while the aircraft is still on the ground.

A Pitot-Static Tester will be connected to the Pitot-Static system of the aircraft and will simulate all conditions of a real flight. The Ateq® Pitot-Tester offers one of the easiest and most accurate measurement simulations of the market.

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