Air data test set and Aircraft ground support equipment

ATEQ has developed a wide and complete range of products for aviation manufacturing and maintenance:

Breaking News: ATEQ Aviation Acquires Pitot Static Adapter Manufacturer, Cobra Systems.

 Automated Pitot/Static testers for indoor use (laboratory & workshop) or outdoor use (hangar & tarmac). ADSE can control all pressure dependent on-board equipment: altimeters, anemometers, variometers, pressure sensors, air data calculators, etc. Our instruments are extremely accurate, user friendly, reliable, and can be easily customized. All our ADSE (except ADSE 712 and 543) are RVSM Compliant, with an accuracy up to 0.007% of the Scale, well above the standard requirements for RVSM compliance.

 Pitot/Static adapters for all aircrafts (PSAT)

 Leak detector for indoor or outdoor uses with nitrogen and 5% hydrogen (H 6000)

 Battery tester with a large range of powers according to battery CMMs (EEST)

 Bonding & Loop Resistance Tester for electrical continuity on standard and composite aircrafts (AX 6000, LRT 6000).

Airplane Glider ATEQ_Pitot_Static_helicopter  Airplane ATEQ_Pitot_Static_business_plane

For more than 20 years, OMICRON has been specialized in control and measurement systems for aviation, aerospace, automotive and medical industries.

Its know-how in pressure and electronic measurement led OMICRON to develop aviation on-board control equipment.

In 2008, OMICRON became a member of the ATEQ Group. This merging gives ATEQ an opportunity to provide its customers on-site service, offer equipment most adapted to their requirements, as well as a fast answers to all their needs.

The first priority of ATEQ has always been to provide the highest quality instruments and service available on the market.

ATEQ is now a worldwide manufacturer of automated Pitot/Static (ADSE), Pitot/Static adapters, leak detectors, bonding, loop and battery testers.