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ATEQ Aviation – Air data test sets worldwide provider

ATEQ Aviation is a worldwide manufacturer of airdata test sets for all types of aircrafts. With over 10 years experience and trusted by professionals worldwide, ATEQ Aviation has developped the most advanced hadware and software solutions to support original equipment manufacturer, air operator and aircraft maintenance centers worldwide, building a wide range of pitot static testers and adapters, battery testers and bond loop testers. ATEQ Aviation also proposes….

ATEQ Aviation


ATEQ BCA – Product Video

The BCA is a Battery Charger Analyser designed to Charge, Discharge and Analyse all types of battery chemistry in the Aviation industry.

ATEQ BC 1500 – Product Video

The BA 1500 has been specially designed to analyse all lead-Acid battery chemistry in the Aviation industry.

ATEQ BA 1500 – Product Video

The BA 1500 is an all-in-one battery analyzer combined with a robust design. It fits all Lead-Acid battery analyze needs in hangar or on tarmac.

ATEQ : Maintaining your aircraft with the Pitot Static Tester ADSE 650

This video will show you the best Air Data Test Set on the market in action in a hangar. ATEQ Automated Pitot/Static testers are specially developed for indoor use as well as outdoor use (hangar & tarmac). The ADSE 650 can control all pressure dependant on-board equipment: altimeters, anemometers, variometers, pressure sensors, air data calculators, etc.

Accurate, user friendly, reliable, we test you fly.

ATEQ Aviation’s ADSE 650 Pitot Static Test Set

The ADSE 650 caters fully for all aircraft types and the different electrical power supplies,It can be used for testing high performance civil and military aircraft, fixed and rotary wing.


ATEQ Aviation – BCA Unboxing

ATEQ Aviation – BCA Front Panel

ATEQ Aviation – BCA CC Charge Test

ATEQ Aviation – BCA CC Discharge Test

ATEQ Aviation – BCA Cells connection

ATEQ Aviation – BCA External voltmeter screen

ATEQ Aviation – ADSE 650 Unboxing

ATEQ Aviation – ADSE 650 Getting started

ATEQ Aviation – ADSE 650 Front panel


ATEQ Aviation – ADSE 650 Wifi automatic connection


ATEQ Aviation – ADSE 650 Back up connection with cable


ATEQ Aviation – ADSE 650 interface – Creating a program


ATEQ Aviation – ADSE 650 interface – Launching automatic programm


ATEQ Aviation – ADSE 650 interface – Using the manual mode



MRO Europe 2021 ATEQ Aviation

Interview of Damien JEULIN Sales director EMEA – ATEQ Aviation division during the MRO Europe 2021 exhibition that took place in Amsterdam in October 2021

MRO 2021 Russia ATEQ Aviation

Interview of Anton Ilin Sales manager Russia at ATEQ Aviation during the MRO Russia 2021 exhibition that took place in Moscow from the 15th to 16th September 2021.


ATEQ Aviation Division has offices and Sales representatives across the globe ready to support you.

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