Pitot-Static tester 550

ADSE 550

The ADSE 550 pitot-static tester, housed in a plastic carrying case, is a portable, self-contained field tester designed to test aircraft pitot and static systems for leaks as well as the operation and calibration of airspeed, altimeter, engine pressure ratio, manifold pressure indicators, and other vacuum or low-pressure units.

The Air Data Test Set consists of a hand-operated vacuum pump, a hand-operated pressure pump vacuum and pressure gauges, 5 control valves, an altimeter and an airspeed indicator. The package accessories include two 25-foot hoses.




This manual pitot-static tester is especially made for simple altimeter and speed simulation at ground level. Thanks to the Ps and Pt channels, you can easily perform on board instrument checks for altitude, airspeed and vertical speed monitoring and adjustement.This instrument tester uses proven and stable transducer technology.


The ADSE550 can be used for any type of aircraft in the hangar or tarmac. Thanks to our wide pitot/static adapter range it connects to the pitot tubes and static ports on the aircraft body. The generated pressure will simulate flying conditions to test the accuracy of pressure dependent on board flight equipment such as the altimeter, airspeed indicator, the vertical speed indicator, air data computers and pressure sensors.

Simple and user friendly

Compact, light and rugged, the ADSE550 is easy for any maintenance technician to operate. Thanks to its hand- operated vacuum and pressure pump, this model allows technicians on ground to stay in control every step of the way.

Cost effective

The ADSE550 is the best cost effective air data test equipment on the market. It will help you to keep your on board instruments healthy reducing maintenance time. Your best time/investment solution for simple MRO regular checks and control procedures.



Temperature range Operating -10° to 50°C (14° to 122°F)
Storage -20° to +60°C (-4° to 140°F)
Housing Water resistant
CE and MIL STD462D marking
Dimensions 515 x 380 x 270 mm (20.3 x 15 x 10.6 inch)
Weight 12kg (26.5 lbs)
Power and Battery 4 AA battery -> Autonomy up to 8 days


Function Range Accuracy
Altitude -700 to 30,000 ft ± 30 ft at sea level
Rate of climb Up to ± 10,000ft/min ± 2%
Indicated airspeed Up to 220 kts ± 1% at 70 kts

Measurement specifications in standard conditions

  On-going developments may cause a change in specifications without notice.
  Special developments may be considered on a case by case basis.


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