For the past 47 years ATEQ Group has been the number one provider for Leak testing technologies for assembly lines. Thanks to this sharp expertise that ATEQ has built through the years supporting numbers of partners and customers worldwide, ATEQ is now ready to expand its expertise to the field of aviation maintenance industry.

Elevating Aviation Maintenance with Superior Leak Testing Solutions

As we stride forward into a future propelled by the emergence of hydrogen and the imperative shift toward cleaner aviation fuels, we stand poised to serve as the unrivaled expert provider of precise leak testing solutions.

Whether it’s ensuring the integrity of fuel tanks, cabin pressure systems, or engine bleed air systems, leak testing is a vital step in maintaining the safety and efficiency of aircraft.  

Major Testing procedures are very well documented and registered in most Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM). 

Our Commitment to Aviation Excellence

In the ever-evolving landscape of aviation maintenance, precision, reliability, and safety are non-negotiable. ATEQ Aviation leads the charge in delivering innovative, industry-leading leak testing solutions meticulously designed to cater to the intricate demands of modern aircraft systems.

Specialized Applications for Aviation Maintenance:

Cabin Pressure Validation

Maintaining optimal cabin pressure is paramount for passenger comfort and safety. ATEQ’s advanced testing technologies offer comprehensive assessments, guaranteeing sealed cabin environments that exceed industry standards. 

Cabin Pressure Validation
Engine Bleed Air System Assurance

Engine Bleed Air System Assurance

The integrity of engine bleed air systems is pivotal for aircraft performance. ATEQ’s specialized testing solutions provide meticulous verification, assuring uncompromised functionality and safety of these critical systems.

Why Choose ATEQ?

  • Unparalleled Expertise: With nearly five decades of experience, we possess unmatched proficiency in aviation leak testing.
  • Innovative Technologies: Our cutting-edge tools and methodologies set new benchmarks for accuracy and reliability.
  • Tailored Solutions: Each solution is meticulously tailored to meet the unique requirements of aviation applications.
  • Global Support: ATEQ’s worldwide presence ensures comprehensive support wherever your operations take flight.

Partner with ATEQ Group for Aviation Excellence

Join a league of esteemed aviation operators, MRO centers, and OEMs who rely on ATEQ’s expertise for seamless, reliable, and compliant leak testing solutions. Elevate your maintenance practices to new heights with our industry-leading technologies.

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At ATEQ Aviation, we don’t just set the standard; we soar beyond it, ensuring your aircraft’s safety and performance, every step of the way.

This application page aims to position ATEQ Group as the foremost authority in aviation leak testing solutions, catering to the specific needs of aviation industry stakeholders. It emphasizes expertise, precision, and reliability while offering a seamless experience for potential clients to explore ATEQ’s tailored solutions.

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