Why protect your pitot probes sensors?

Despite the existing procedures and the preflight exterior walkaround checking procedures, air data probes obstruction can occur.
Pitot probes sensors can be obstructed with anything like dust, dirt, sand, insects.

This topic should not be taken lightly as the number of reported cases of unreliable airspeed is still today a matter of concern.

Having all your aircraft pitot probes properly protected is key to prevent from any pitot probes inlet obstruction which would affect airspeed parameters communicated to onboard instruments.

This is why it is important to strictly follow pitot probe’s protection recommendations when on ground, whether for a long or a short period of time.

Sometimes the obstruction can occur in less than a couple of hours.

pitot probes sensors protection

Having approved pitot probe covers is also crucial for airlines, operators, and airport operators.

Pitot probe inlet obstruction by insect, dust, dirt or any materials (sand) is the main root cause of rejected take-off or in-flight turn-back events due to airspeed discrepancy below FL 250.

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