Every aircraft has a pitot and pitot static system with sensors which detect the ambient air pressure, pitot pressure and unaffected pressure which is the static pressure, when the aircraft is cruising.

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These pressures provide informations which are used to determine several flight parameters which include
In some cases, aircraft are mounted with intelligent probes that also provides important information on the Angle of Attack (AOA).

Angle of Attack schema (AOA)

If you are in involved in parking procedures or in charge of line maintenance on an aircraft you will know the importance and the criticality of regular pitot pressure controls. The procedure is pretty straight forward and is detailed in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual of every single aircraft. The real question is : Is Pitot Probe protection and Inspection always a priority in operational procedures ? Normally each altimeter and static pressure system must undergo an inspection to ensure accuracy and compliance with standards every 24 calendar months if the aircraft is to be used for IFR flight.
After the pandemic during which lots of aircraft remained parked in hangars, it even more crucial not to take this standard maintenance procedure lightly. If you comply with safety procedures you also want pitot pressure test procedure to be easy and fast to operate. To perform a test, you can trust in a short and effective time to keep control of manhours you will need the most accurate, reliable Air Data Test instruments.

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Recent press reports state already several airspeed incidents reports triggered by insect blockage a,d other bird nest or even heavy dust blockage resulting from long period storage and which severly impact Pitot Probes and Air Data systems more globaly.
air traffic is starting to get busier, more and more aircraft are coming out of storage, so to carry out Critical Testing on the aircraft you are responsible for.

Leading the world of the Aviation test equipment field for more than 25 years, ATEQ Aviation develops complete automated solutions adapted to any industry requirements: pneumatic, electric and electronic safety systems tests. Recognized for its premium product quality and services, professionals from segments such as maintenance and repair overhaul, original equipment manufacturers or airlines operators rely on ATEQ Aviation’s instruments to test, check and calibrate their equipment’s. With the greatest quality standards our solutions and services are adopted by thousands of customers worldwide.

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ATEQ Aviation has equipment designed for all types of aircraft maintenance, including full RVSM (Reduced vertical separation minima) test sets and complete adapter kits, for all types of Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft, from GA, Business Jets, Commercial, Freight Airlines and the Military. We can help you take this flight critical testing seriously, with our high quality, affordable and reliable Pitot/Static Test Sets and Adapters. Whether you are in need of simple tester or a multiway Air Data Test Set, there is a solution that fits your need in the ATEQ Aviation ADSE product range.

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