ADSE 650

The ADSE 650 is designed for all aircraft types and electrical power supplies.
It can be used for testing high performance civil and military aircraft, fix and rotary wings.

This Pitot Static Tester is designed primarily for flight line use to cover the testing of all barometric and manometric pressure instrument systems.

The large wireless touch screen display, with on-screen help, enables all checks to be carried out easily on the flight deck or in the cockpit, by a single operator.
The Air Data Test Set is housed in a robust mobile weatherproof case. An attached bag contains the pressure hoses and electrical cables.
Accessories for specific applications are available unpon request.


wifi air data test set ADSE

  Built-in pressure and vacuum pumps
  Remote control with touch screen unit based on Windows
  Complete self check enable
High accuracy, high resolution
RVSM compliant
  Internal battery 2 hours autonomy

  Programmable leak test
•  Programmable flight envelope to protect equipment under test
  Most important flight values displayed simultaneously
  Programmable (password write protected) test schedules
  Select pressure units: hPa; psi ; inHg ; mmHg ; ft ; m ; kts ; km/h ; Mach number

Versatile & economical solution

The versatility of the ADSE 650 makes it an air data test set that is suitable for 90% of the different applications on the market today.

In addition, to the technical specifications, it is easy to use, lightweight, portable, rugged and allows you to conduct complete Pitot and Static maintenance tests cost effectively. To summarise, the ADSE 650 is arguably the best and most cost effective Test Set for pitot-static checks on the market today.

Adaptable to every situation

The ADSE 650 allows the operator to work comfortably and accurately in every situation. Thanks to the Remote-Control Unit (RCU) connected via Wi-Fi, the operator can move around the aircraft and even work directly from the cockpit without any difficulties, no hoses or trailing cables. The RCU is a Tablet PC with a watertight touch-sensitive screen displaying the static (Ps) and total (Pt) pressure values and enables the user to enter the required test parameters. Thanks to backup software, even if the RCU stops working correctly, the operator can manage the test results from a computer. The ADSE 650 has an internal battery pack with a power management board, mobility and three hours of practical work. The ADSE 650 can also run for 90/264 VAC or Aircraft Power for complete flexibility.

Diverse test possibilities

The ADSE 650 offers a full range of options to the operator to conduct the required tests.

Firstly, the operator can choose to run the tests in “Manual mode”, so the parameters for the tests can be directly entered step by step on the RCU so that the device will perform the required test. This makes it possible to follow the test procedure in a logical manner.

The second option is “Automatic mode” The operator will enter one or more predefined programs on the RCU (test sequences – each sequence is programmable up to 40 steps). The ADSE 650 will run these test sequences without further intervention from the operator, which saves time and gives the user greater flexibility.

A fully ergonomic device

The rugged case and comfortable handle make the ADSE 650 easy to move and transport (6 kg / 13.2 lbs), making this ideal for portable maintenance applications. The ADSE 650 is one of the easiest use Test Sets on the market. The lightweight RCU (0.6 kg / 1.3 lbs) 8-inch colour LCD touch screen allows easy programming of the configuration and test parameters and displays interactive menus, explanations and indications of potential errors.



Function Range Accuracy
Altitude -2,300 to 60,000 ft ± 3 ft at 0 ft
Altitude rate 100 to 6,000 ft/min ± 10 ft or ± 1 % (3)
Airspeed (1) 0 to 650 kts ± 0.5 kt at 50 kts
Airspeed Mach 0 to 3.0 Mach ± 0.0005 M at 0.8 M at 25,000 ft
Static sensor (2) 72 to 1,100 hPa ± 0.13 hPa
Pitot sensor (2) 0 to 870 DhPa ± 0.30 DhPa

(1) Accuracy after Autozero function
(2) Different range & rate of sensors available on request
(3) On an integration time greather than 3 seconds, these performances are valid on a volume of 0 to 1000 cc.

Measurement specifications in standard conditions
  On-going developments may cause a change in specifications without notice.
   Special developments may be considered on a case by case basis.


 10 m Ps and Pt flexible hoses with connector AN-4 female /RB03-M
 10 m AC cable
 5 m Remote control cable
 Wireless Color Tactile PC
 Plastic water-restant suitcase
 Special bag for tubes and cables
•  Two nipples RB03-M / AN-4 M


Operating Temperature -5°C to 50°C (23°F to 122°F)
Storage -20°C to +60°C (–4°F to 140°F)
(Extanded Range on-demand)
Power supply 90/264 VAC from 50 to 400Hz
Housing Completely weatherproof, meets EMC requirements MIL STD 462D
Dimensions 347 x 295 x 146mm (13.4 x 11,6 x 5.9 inch)
6kg (13.2 lbs)
Calibration Recommended period 12 months
Ease of use Remote Wi-Fi LCD colour touch screen
Integrated bag for cables and hoses
Ease of maintenance Maintenance limited to calibration, regular external cleaning


  Range Pt: 350 kts
  EPR (Engine Pressure Ratio)
  Cabin Pressure
  Outflow Valve
  Remote Control Software for PC (Windows)

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