Channeling electrical current within any type of aircraft is a key safety issue.
The ground bonding test (also referred to as a ground continuity test), is the first test required in the electrical safety testing standards.
The test consists of
checking if the ground points of the aircraft or helicopters electrical system being tested are properly connected  to each other, and also to the main ground of the aircraft itself.

What is electrical Bonding?

Electrical bonding makes sure that signal runs through a certain determined path smoothly allowing the electrical systems to function properly without any resistance or short circuits in the process. All types of aircrafts rely on electrical systems, from the engine ignition to communication and navigation systems, flight controls and monitoring critical aircrafts systems and their performances. There are thousands of electrical connections on an aircraft, controlling many different devices to guarantee safe flights.


Looking at the different aircraft systems, it is important to differentiate the  types of electrical signals. The intended and critical ones from the dangerous and spurious ones.

Aircrafts Electronics systems

  • Can be struck by lightning
  • Are exposed to external fields and electrostatic current
  • Can be affected by large temperature variations
  • Are liable to corrosion in time

Why is Electrical Bonding so important?

  • Limits potential difference between all parts of the aircraft
  • Eliminates sparks discharge and fire risks
  • Allows High voltage carrying (ie : lightning strikes) that will discharge in the atmosphere through aircraft extremities.
  • Prevents electric shocks to personnel in contact with aircraft equipments or parts.
  • Reduces interference

And for all those reasons and to ensure security NDT conductivity testing or Bonding test must be done on a regular basis to ensure electrical integrity.

Electrical Bonding

Drawing on the 40 years expertise from ATEQ in leak testing, the past 25 years ATEQ Aviation has been constantly developing innovative solutions to better support the aviation maintenance industry. Partnering with industry leaders, we supply thousands of professionals worldwide. Thanks to our bond & loop testing solutions, aviation technicians are able to perform bonding tests as well as a loop resistance testing, quickly and easily.

ATEQ will support you with the best solutions to perform loop resistance and bonding measurement in compliance with the highest aircraft specifications, for all types of aircraft, helicopter, rocket and military vehicles for production or maintenance..

  • A320_airbus_7510
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ATEQ’s Bond & Loop testers, the ATEQ AX6000 and the LRT 6000, have been specially designed for applications requiring up to 10A current measurements. Whether at your production site or during maintenance, both solutions will help you to keep those testing procedures under control, keeping the best investment to in man hours balance to support your workflow.

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