ATEQ AVIATION Revolutionizes BOEING 737 Feel Maintenance

PRESS RELEASE ATEQ AVIATION REVOLUTIONIZES BOEING 737 FEEL MAINTENANCE INTRODUCING THE MOST COMPACT, ELECTRIC AND EASY TO SET UP ELEVATOR FEEL COMPUTER TEST BOX ON THE MARKET Author: Sandra Kadded  Publication: for immediate release   (Les Clayes-sous-Bois – France, July 2023) – Today, we are proud to announce the launch of our groundbreaking product, the [...]

ATEQ, a committed actor for the environment

ATEQ is a company that cares about its environmental impact and is committed to reducing it. That’s why it obtained ISO 14001 certification in January 2023, which attests to the implementation of an effective environmental management system in line with international requirements. But ATEQ doesn’t stop there. It has also taken concrete measures to address [...]

ATEQ Aviation expands battery testing solutions with new Battery Analyser BA 1500

The Aviation Battery Analyzer is a game-changer, providing comprehensive insights into battery health and performance. With advanced diagnostics and precise measurements, it empowers maintenance personnel to make informed decisions regarding battery maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and safety. PRESS RELEASE ATEQ AVIATION EXPANDS BATTERY TESTING SOLUTIONS WITH NEW BATTERY ANALYSER BA 1500 AND [...]

ATEQ Aviation is glad to launch its brand-new Battery Charger ATEQ BC 1500

Our Aviation Battery Charger BC 1500 is the ultimate companion for anyone working with aviation lead acid batteries. Featuring a rugged design, intuitive user interface, and an array of powerful testing capabilities, it simplifies the process of battery assessment, saving valuable time and resources. PRESS RELEASE ATEQ AVIATION EXPANDS BATTERY TESTING SOLUTIONS [...]

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