The BCA is a Battery Charger Analyser designed to Charge, Discharge and Analyse all types of battery chemistry in the Aviation industry.It is housed in a metal enclosure with a 7 inch touchscreen control display. All settings and data can be entered via the touchscreen.

It is a very easy-to-use and versatile instrument that comes in 2 versions the BCA 75 Volts / 40 Amps or the BCA 36 Volts / 60 Amps.

These are the characteristics of both variants:

BCA version 75 Volts / 40 Amps

  75 Volts max charge and discharge
 40 Amps max charge
  60 Amps max discharge
  Charging 2 batteries – 37.5 Volts each max

BCA version 36 Volts / 60 Amps

  36 Volts max charge and discharge
  60 Amps max charge and discharge
  Single Battery Charge for 36-60 mode


Analyser charging battery BCA ATEQ

  2 Batteries in charge mode or 1 battery in full discharge mode
  Immediate or delayed test start
  Temperature Measurement with type K thermocouples
  Alarm for electrolyte level
  Shut down at predefined voltages Min, Max or delta V
•  Shut down as a function of time – Protection against temperature defect
  Set up of multiple cycles and / or sequences

  Printing and automatic filing of data at the end of the test
  Data protection and results saving and backup in case of power shutdown
  Test result storage and research by user defined criteria
  7 Inch Touch screen color display
  24 cells voltage measurement
  Interface languages: Chinese, English, French, Russian
  Computer connections: USB port, RS485
  Fuse protection kit

The new ATEQ Battery Charger Analyser can charge 2 batteries at the same time or full discharge 1 battery. You can set up multiple cycles and sequences of charge / discharge. Support all types of battery chemistry wether Ni-cd, Lead Acid or Lithium batteries. Charge at constant current I or U. Discharge at constant current I or U. Multi-channel management software available in order to monitor devices connected in network. To better support your needs the New ATEQ BCA comes in 2 versions in BCA 75 Volts / 40 Amps or BCA 36 Volts / 60 Amps.

Accurate & Reliable
You can measure up to 24 individual battery cells. You also can check temperature thanks to K thermocouple sensor.

Safety & Comfort
Progress and results of all cycles constantly displayed on the large 7 ich colour touchscreen display. Immediate or delayed test start. Audible alarm can be set for electrolyte level. Control multiple units thanks to the RS485 port.

Traceability & Predicability
You can define test result storage and research to keep track of your maintenance data. You can then monitor you battery life in the long run. It also easier to plan, perform and follow up predictive maintenace for your ground support equipment.

Cost effective
Because you can perform tests on serveral batteries at a time, the productivity of your maintenance ressources is optimised and you keep control of manhours every step of the way.



General Electrical characteristics

Sector input 100-240 VAC Monophased
Frequency 50-60Hz
Temperature of use 0-50°C (0-20°C without derating)
Storage temperature -20 to +70°C
Cooling By forced ventilation
PN EZ-0232 version Dimension: 380 x 440 x 265 mm
Weight ~26 kg

Power supply characteristics at constant voltage (charging)

Output voltage 0-72 Vdc per channel | 0-36 Vdc per channel
Regulation 0,1 % for a variation of I from 10 to 90 %
Stability 0,1 % at full charge for 8H

Power supply characteristics at constant current (charging)

Output current 0-40 Adc | 0-60 Adc
Regulation 0,1 % for a variation of U from 10 to 90 %
Stability 0,1 % at full charge for 8H

Characteristics of the electronic charge (discharging)

Max Power 1500 W
Absorbed current 0-60 Adc
Max voltage accepted 75 Vdc
Regulation in constant current 0,1 % for a variation of U from 10 to 90 %
Stability 0,1 % at full charge for 8H

Gauge input characteristics

Voltage Measurement

Range Accuracy
+/- 80 Vdc +/- 0.05 % Max of reading (+-0,01V)

Current Measurement

Range Accuracy
+ 60 Adc +/- 0.2 % Max of PE

Cell voltage – 24 cells (Option)

Range Accuracy
+/-10 Vdc +/- 0.05 % Max of PE

Auxiliary Input Voltage (AutoRange)

Range Accuracy
0-85 Vdc +/- 0.05 % Max of Reading

Temperature (Option)

Range Accuracy
0 to 100 °C (type K thermocouple sensor) +/- 5°C (apart from sensor)