Charge/discharge and test benches for aerospace batteries

Charge/discharge benches for the maintenance, the certification, the training and the homologation of all industrial battery types
Our battery charge and analyse benches are available in miscellaneous combinations, in order to comply most precisely to the needs of each user.

Our standard offer:

Our benches process all battery chemistries: Ni-Cd, Li-Ion, Pb, Ni-Mh, Ag-Zn, LMP, Li-po, Pb, ……

  • Standard 42V – 60A
  • Charge at constant I or U
  • Discharge at constant I or U
  • Lots of currents and voltages available
  • For battery certification (CMM)
  • Useful alarms (sounds and lights)
  • Multi channel management software on PC

Airplane ATEQ_Pitot_Static_helicopter Glider plane airplane Airplane ATEQ_Pitot_Static_business_plane

 Our benches include 1 to 12 channels, semi-automatic or automatic, each channel taking care of the charge, the discharge and the test of a battery totally independantly from the other channels.

Each channel is available in following power (Voltage/Intensity) ranges:

  • 2500 W (50V/50A) maximum in charge and discharge
  • 5000 W (50V/100A) maximum in charge and discharge
  • 2925 W (45V/65A) maximum in charge and discharge
  • 300 W (30V/10A) maximum in charge and discharge (maintenance of emergency exit batteries)
  • Main powers available are indicative ones (Voltage and intensity in charge and discharge on each channelcan be adapted upon request

Each channel is made of a linear power supply and an electronic charge, to optimise the voltage regulation and minimise the voltage residual variations.

The software controls the battery charging, discharging and testing operations, manages all parameters of the battery, the alarms, the safety as well as the data recording, processing and printing of test reports, without any external supervision.


Equipment in option:

Voltage measurement of each individual battery element
Deep discharge (balancing of the battery elements)
Control of the battery temperature (standard on the automatic benches)
Isolation measurement (Megohmmeter)
Battery lids or sockets for the connection of each individual battery element
Standard 50V – 60A Multi channel management software on PC

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Contact us also for your specific needs:

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Switch-mode power supplies
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